Monday, September 1, 2008

Laboring on Labor Day

listening: Killer Queen, by Queen
Fire and Rain, by James Taylor
That's All, by Genesis

Yep, I'm working on Labor Day. I signed up to work for four hours, which I'm using to justify the fact that I won't be doing much else today. There's some research I need to do for my Spanish Lit. (before 1700) class, and then I need to check my syllabus for tomorrow's class.

Other than that? Um, I went out to Encore Video to grab some more Brisco County, Jr. dvds. The boxed set is out, and I love the show, but I'm not shelling out $99.99 to satisfy my inner geek. The second it goes on sale, however, I will probably pick it up. Sarah may also be coming over, because ridiculous scifi westerns are just more fun with friends. We may create a drinking game.

Oh, and I may also work on my current side project, which is adding every movie Billy Drago has ever been in to my Blockbuster online list. He's one of the baddies in Brisco County, Jr., and he's lots of fun to watch. Apparently, he plays basically the same character over and over again, but I like that character. Creepy yet well-dressed villain with good fashion sense and pretty hair? Yeah, I can watch that all day.

Oh, and because I know you are all very fond of videos:

We have this rather hilariously violent scene from Death Ring (a "competent Most Dangerous Game rip off, with some decent action sequences, some moderate suspense and far better acting then what you would expect"):

It's hard to find any other good clips on YouTube, because there are about a bazillon "fan videos" where someone's cut out all the dialogue and added some random song. Here, if you're interested.

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