Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Veeps and Things

- We got "paper 1.1" back in my Rhetoric of the Remake class this morning. I was all bummed at the "70" on my paper -- I admit it was not, as the rough draft, A material, but it was fairly well constructed nonetheless. On the bus, I glanced at the grading rubric again and realized that the prof. had failed to carry a 1: I actually made an 80. Fantastic! I will, of course, be shooting for a high A on paper 1.2.

- Sarah Palin's name alone is starting to give me the crawling heebie-jeebies. The more research I do (and nothing particularly strenuous, at that), the less I like her at all. For example, she sees no issue with creationism being discussed along with evolution in science classes ... except, you know, that one topic is science, and the other belongs in a completely different course.

She gives out lovely statements like this one:
I know the Republican platform is right for my state in Alaska because the planks we can stand solidly on are respect for equality and respect for life and an acknowledgment that it is individual Americans and American families who can make better decisions for ourselves than government can ever make for us. So individual freedom and independence is extremely important to me and that's why I'm a Republican, and there are planks in our platform that reflect that.

On the other hand, she's "pro-life and against same-sex marriage." But that's okay, because "she has gay friends!"

I'm stopping with this article, because I'm done spending my free time on this now. I wasn't really ever going to vote Republican, anyway.


Margeeta said...

That's a lot of planks. Where do all these planks come from? Maybe she got them on the internetz.

NAZD said...

She is using them to build a wall, to keep out those damn Russians.

I think all her internetz planks are cloggin up my tubes, because my intarwebs are slow tonight :-(. This is not fair. EQUAL TUBES FOR EVERYONE

Rigo said...

Kind of an old post - and maybe a comment that may never be seen but you know, glass of wine, you start surfing, you end up places! I ended up here.

Anyhow, you're being a little unfair don't you think? What does LIFE have to do with gay "marriage?" Marriage was always a religious ceremony, not a legal one. I'll admit, I don't know much about creationism but there's a whole lot of the other course you mentioned in evolution. Sure, a "theory" in science is taken a lot more seriously but what is wrong with pointing out the holes in science as we often point out the supposed holes in faith? Ah...I know. Because of the whole separation of church and state, is that it? Well, it seems to me, we want this separation in schools but don't want it in marriage!

Bottom line, keep the goverment out of our lives. The government can't even run the post office. Sound like a good idea to you? Beware. Society is still very much against abortion and gay marriage. If the country was allowed to vote, both of them would be illegal. But fear not, you have liberal judges on your side.

NAZD said...

Hello there! I actually get email updates on new comments, so I did see this (obviously!). Now, if you'll see my response is another question :-)

Breaking down your questions a bit:

1) I actually wasn't equating being pro-life with being against gay marriage, or saying that the two topics necessarily have anything to do with each other -- these just happen to be two points I disagree with, so I grouped them under one link.

2) I did a bit (ok, a lot) of research on the subject a few months ago, and marriage and the government are more closely intertwined than even I had thought. There are civil marriage ceremonies (to be recognized legally), and marriage is a factor in eligibility for a huge amount of government programs. Now, if you want to say that marriage should be taken back from government control and regulation, I won't argue with you, but it isn't a purely religious event all the time anymore.

3) "what is wrong with pointing out the holes in science as we often point out the supposed holes in faith?" Nothing at all! I wasn't taught that evolution is completely perfect and understood, and any good scientist is all in favor of researching and questioning the world around them. Creationism, however, is not a scientific theory and I've never heard it defended or "proven" in scientific terms. It is a religious belief, and as such is suited to classes which cover theology, culture, or similar topics. I certainly wouldn't demand that evolution be brought into classes on religion, because it doesn't have a place there.

Hope that clarifies what I meant at least a little.

*And I'll admit, I probably wasn't completely fair to Palin here. I was upset with McCain's choice for VP on several levels, and I didn't think it really helped women advance in politics at all.

Anonymous said...

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