Thursday, June 26, 2008

There's a Reason. . .

. . . for the title of this blog.

For example, I've been playing around with iron-on transfers lately. With t-shirts for $2.50 at Michael's and transfer paper a buck a pop, I can't afford not to!

Wait, yes I can. But it is fun. I have a workout shirt in the works for my mom (I'm thinking Rosie the Riveter), and I made one for myself last night. It is, in fact, a comic book shirt. Specifically, this image:

Also last night, I decided to rent a movie. We had just sent Strays back to Blockbuster (Vin Diesel, I love you only slightly less than I would love that two hours of my life back), and so I actually had to go to the movie-rentery. There I discovered that I've seen all the comedies that are any good from the Comedy section, and couldn't decide on an action movie.

Instead, I rented the Wii game Okami. While I do take issue with a few things, such as the incredibly long cut-scenes and the fact that your character is given an annoying little Navi-like fairy, the game is very interesting to play. The idea for the game is fantastic:

Unique to Ōkami is the Celestial Brush. Players can bring the game to a pause and call up a canvas, where the player can draw onto the screen, either using the left analog stick on the PlayStation 2's Dual Shock controller, or pointing with the Wii Remote.[19] This feature is used in combat, puzzles, and as general gameplay.[20] For example, the player can create strong wind by drawing a loop, cut enemies by drawing a line through them, or create bridges by painting one, amongst many other abilities. These techniques are learned through the course of the game by completing constellations to release the Celestial Brush gods (inspired by the Chinese zodiac) from their hiding spots.[21]

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Goodwill 50th Anniversary Party

Here are the photos from the Goodwill party! There was food (free hamburgers, whoo) on the first floor, as well as a balloon artist.

Top floor held all the cover bands and dancing space :-D

In honor of the event, I showed up wearing a purse, top, skirt, and sandals that I bought at the Goodwill on North Lamar. I think the whole outfit only cost me $27.

Mom and Dad, of course, had to one-up me by being better dressed.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time, even the woman who had to dress as a witch to promote the Ghoulwill Ball (someone please buy me an $85 ticket?).

The cover bands were both fantastic. Of course, I was a bit partial to the group that played '80s songs [Radiostar] over the one that played '70s songs [Memphis Train Revue]. Now I will shamelessly plug for both groups and recommend them for your next event.

I had lots of fun, and everyone seemed completely exhausted by the end of the evening. There were certainly plenty of couples who, to use the modern "slang," decided to "cut a rug."

Friday, June 20, 2008


I owe my previous apartment company $610, because I accidentally sublet to a psycho who left the place a mess. No, literally.

I'd be upset about the cost, except the total actual repair cost was apparently almost $3,000 - baseboards were pulled up, walls had to be totally repainted, etc. Six blinds had to be replaced, too, which is basically every set of blinds in the apartment. Oh, and he skipped out on rent for the last month too. Of course he did.

Work is finished for the evening; I need a drink.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Playing God

If there were subheadings on Blogger, I totally would have written "playing??" But there aren't, so I didn't.

So! I downloaded a demo of the creature creator from the upcoming game Spore. I've spent a little time playing around with the demo, and all I can say is I. Must. Have. This. Game.

I made this little fella earlier today:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Everything is wrong with this

Today's "commentoon" from Women's eNews was a rather unpleasant surprise (click to enlarge):
1) I think this makes dangerously light of Roe v. Wade and illegal abortions, especially since they really were disgusting and harmful. Poor taste there.

2) The cartoon really does contradict itself. Hillary supporters all have only one issue on the brain (choice, presumably, judging by the hanger), and they're so angry that they're going to vote for someone who is not pro-choice? Um. No?

3) Yes, yes, we know already. All Clinton supporters are angry middle-class middle-aged white women with bad haircuts and poor fashion sense. (we'll just ignore all the college students and seniors and minorities who made up her base, oh yes)

This cartoon gets an E, for Epic Fail.

Monday, June 9, 2008

You're Invited!

Goodwill's having a party and I, for one, will be there at least part of the evening :-D.

In other news:
- Work is going really well. 21 hours a week is my average for the summer, which equals a niceish paycheck.

- Just got in issue #3 of 2000AD from ebay this morning. D.R. & Quinch is quickly becoming one of my favorite comics.

- Marlowe taught himself a new trick. It involves somehow getting onto the top shelf in the closet, and then meowing piteously because he can't get back down. Rinse, wash, repeat.

- Kung Fu Panda is worth a watch. Things to Come, on the other hand, is a bit less entertaining.

- One semester left! One semester left!

Dr. McNinja

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is also lots of fun. "Current Story" will take you to a story arc involving Dracula's moon base (yes, yes it does), but the story makes more sense if you visit the archives first.

There's also a store. I think these shirts would look very good on ... well, me ;-).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

College students . . .

. . . don't do Saturday morning cartoons.

We do webcomics.

To wit:
- I like this entire comic, but Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Mummy's Curse is just fantastic.
- Bite Me is an old favorite, now finally up as free archives
- And, by the same author, Family Man, which is still running.

The best part is you can learn things by reading all three, especially the notes on Family Man.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wedding Photos!

Jennifer and Chase's wedding was Friday night.

It was a very nice day outside, and I think I cleaned up well ;-):

I didn't know many of the people there, but we did run into Holliway:

The ceremony was really beautiful, as was the reception: