Friday, June 20, 2008


I owe my previous apartment company $610, because I accidentally sublet to a psycho who left the place a mess. No, literally.

I'd be upset about the cost, except the total actual repair cost was apparently almost $3,000 - baseboards were pulled up, walls had to be totally repainted, etc. Six blinds had to be replaced, too, which is basically every set of blinds in the apartment. Oh, and he skipped out on rent for the last month too. Of course he did.

Work is finished for the evening; I need a drink.


Anonymous said...

that sucks

NAZD said...

Thank you, anonymous.

Also, when are people going to start leaving their names when they post?

NAZD said...

I am going to start making up names for anonymous commenters.

anonymous, your new name is Fluffers McHiggenbotham III, esq. of East Anglia.

Kindly use it in the future.

Jyan said...

You're making me want to start posting anonymously so that I can get an awesome new name.

NAZD said...

Whatever you say, Sir Doctor Squiggily-wiggily Barnum-bottom Pickled Herring, Jr.

These names are even funnier if you can imagine John Cleese saying them.

Jyan said...

Wow, I'm a frickin KNIGHTED DOCTOR?!?! SWEET!