Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Everything is wrong with this

Today's "commentoon" from Women's eNews was a rather unpleasant surprise (click to enlarge):
1) I think this makes dangerously light of Roe v. Wade and illegal abortions, especially since they really were disgusting and harmful. Poor taste there.

2) The cartoon really does contradict itself. Hillary supporters all have only one issue on the brain (choice, presumably, judging by the hanger), and they're so angry that they're going to vote for someone who is not pro-choice? Um. No?

3) Yes, yes, we know already. All Clinton supporters are angry middle-class middle-aged white women with bad haircuts and poor fashion sense. (we'll just ignore all the college students and seniors and minorities who made up her base, oh yes)

This cartoon gets an E, for Epic Fail.

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