Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some have a way with words

Is it bad that my profile quote still cracks me up every. single. time. I read it? Probably.

Clearly, I'm leaking brain cells. Today in my Spanish-American Literature class, it took me five minutes to remember the word for "something happening contrary to what is expected" in Spanish. You know, irony. *sigh*

Even better, we know the prof. is grading our little two-minute informal presentations (mine today was on an Incan origin myth), but we have no clue what the criteria are. Is it grammar? Is it content? Is it what we're wearing? We don't know, because she sits there with a scrap of paper taking unknown notes of some kind, and doesn't tell us anything. For all I know, I failed because I didn't use seven gerunds today, or something.

I go to get a new copy of my drivers' license tomorrow morning, to replace the one I lost to that shark.

With my new license, I can A) early vote, and B) legally drive myself to my new job.

What new job, you ask?

I am now "gainfully employed" as a "child care provider" at a "Baptist church." Which means I get "money" to watch "children."

It's actually a lot of fun.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Seen on/near Campus in the Last Week

  • A short, older professor wearing the Mad Hatter hat.
  • A group selling pink carnations for the Vagina Monologues (all I could think of were "vagina flowers").
  • One student wearing a thick jacket, standing next to another wearing a tank top and shorts. Both were dressed appropriately for the weather.
  • A guy stopping random passerby to hard-sell them magazine subscriptions. I really don't like these guys.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Longhorn for Heifer

Look at this, updating two days in a row!

I was going to hold off on this announcement until closer to my birthday (and you all have the date marked on your calendars, right? Right??), but I see a couple people have noticed already.

If you look to the right, just under the "About Me" section, there's a box that leads to my firstgiving page. For my 22nd, I'm trying to raise $220 for Heifer International -- you can read more about the way these online donations work over at my Longhorn for Heifer page.

So, sometime between now and the beginning of August, if you like, stop on by!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Parties, Magicians, and Free Money

The Imbolc party I attended Friday evening was lots of fun. Unfortunately, zoning restrictions meant that we were unable to sacrifice a fatted calf (or, in fact, have a fatted calf there at all). But, we did watch The Reduced Shakespeare Company -- they're completely hilarious, and I highly recommend watching them.

The day after Imbolc was my grandmother's 70th birthday luncheon. It was, if you'll believe it, actually more rowdy than the college party. 26 of her friends showed up, and we took over half of the Olive Garden for four hours; it was pretty fantastic! Between us my family took about 500 pictures, but I only have a few uploaded at the moment:

So, after all that Friday and Saturday, Sunday and today were rather quiet by comparison. Sarah came over last night to watch Secretary with me (great movie; not something I'd watch with the family), and tonight I watched The Illusionist (nothing particularly new with the plot, but the cinematography was nice and boy, can I watch Edward Norton for two hours).

And, finally, the free money part. I have sold out! From now on, I'll be doing sponsored review posts every now and then. Nothing obtrusive, hopefully, probably none too often, and you'll probably be able to tell they're sponsored. Bear with me, please: college students need to eat!