Monday, January 22, 2007

Blog For Choice

Today was a lot busier than I'd planned for , so this is the first chance I've had to sit down and blog. In the interests of getting this up quickly, I'm going to use the bulk of what I posted in a note on facebook several months ago:

A Note on the Phrase "Pro-Choice"

By the way, because I've had to have this talk with a few people who I thought were too intelligent for this kind of thinking, "Pro-Choice" does NOT simply mean "Pro-ABORTION." This kind of oversimplification undermines the entire movement.

Pro-Choice means I support comprehensive sex education, so that young people can make an informed choice about their sex lives, rather than being taught that sex is something to be ashamed and frightened of. Pro-Choice means I support easy access to birth control, such as condoms, the patch, the pill, EC, so that men and women can be responsible about their choices, without having a stranger in the pharmacy tell them they're immoral. Pro-Choice means I support a woman's right to choose what to do after she gets pregnant, whether she chooses abortion, keeping her child, or adoption.

My mother has always been staunchly pro-choice. If she'd chosen not to keep me then I would have died for something I believe in. She chose to have a child (two, even!), and at the age of two I attended my first pro-choice rally. In high school, my parents took me and my boyfriend to the million-strong March For Women's Lives in Washington, D.C. I have helped Planned Parenthood raise money in one of their phonebanking drives. I support NARAL Pro-Choice Texas through donations. I attend the Voices for Choice meetings because I enjoy being with likeminded individuals who want to make a difference.

I just want to point out that being pro-choice is not just a fly-by-night decision for me. I don't want to get flak from one more person who a) can't remember the last time they did something for a cause they believe in, and/or b) hasn't done enough research into the Pro-Choice movement to have an informed debate with me.

Also, go check out LibraryPrincess' post for today!

Blog for Choice Day - January 22, 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007

Half Price Trip

Generally I can find a good book or two for the kinder class at work cheap at Half Price. Last week, however, I really hit the jackpot -- all the textbooks for my Latin class (college) for under $40, plus I found three Fisher Price Learning Fun books in the $1 bin. I actually grabbed Preschool I & II and a Kindergarten-level one, and I want to start working them in next week. They're bilingual, which is great -- last year I tried adding in some Spanish vocabulary at the end of lessons, but a 45-minute class time is not enough to do that on top of everything else. Instead, I'm going to try using numbers and some words every now and then with the lesson. Living in Texas, I think all the kids should know at least a little of the language, and it seems like some of them are already learning it at school.

I'm also doing the teen homework time pretty much every day now, which means finding worksheets for them, too. My boss gave me some Language Arts, Analogies, and Math Practice books, which seem to be working well so far. I'm considering throwing in some checkbook sheets, although I don't know if they'll actually need to know how to write checks (I'm biased; I write checks for everything.

In non-work-related news, I went to the mall the other day (not a big deal unless you realize I hadn't been to one in ages). I got new shoes (black, to make a change from the three pairs of Converse I own) and my brother's birthday present. I'm not going to post it here until after his party, but I do think it's really cool. No props to the sales clerk and the manager of the Discovery Channel Store who, despite being surrounded by gizmos and gadgets of every shape and size (I want one of these!), couldn't come up with a good recommendation for a 16-year-old boy.

Sarah and I spent yesterday catching up on "Season 1" of Doctor Who -- I didn't start watching regularly until David Tennant showed up, and I realized that we missed a lot. As much as I enjoy watching Tennant, Season 1 has some really good episodes; for example, the Charles Dickens Episode was a lot of fun for me.

Assuming Vulcan has the next dvd, I can finish watching the season today, before school/work start again.


ETA: Didn't go to Vulcan OR grocery shopping today. My grandmother called to forbid me from going out in this weather (hehe), and then when I did go check on the car later it had ice all over it, and the lock was frozen shut. With his phone inside. The up side is that school's probably going to be cancelled tomorrow for me.

Also, I have to call my grandfather/dad and thank them for teaching me how to open deadbolts with credit cards (they both claim credit). Sarah locked herself out in the cold today and I totally got her back in in under a minute with my CVS card.

Friday, January 12, 2007

EPD Estela Ernestina (Estella López) Alvarez Barrero. Nació en Manzanillo, Cuba noviembre 11 de 1908 y murió en Anaheim, California enero 10 del 2007. Le sobreviven su hijo Leonardo, su nuera Carmen y sus nietos Leo, Carmen D. y Ron con sus respectivas familias. Condolencias para todo sus familiares y amistades alrededor del mundo.
El cuerpo de Estella será expuesto en la capilla del Fairhaven Memorial Park del condado de Orange de 4 a 8pm el miércoles 17 de enero y el entierro en el cementerio del mismo lugar a las 2:30 pm del día siguiente.

Rest in Peace Estela Ernestina (Estella Lopez) Alvarez Barrero. Born in Manzanillo, Cuba, November 11th, 1908 and died in Anaheim, California January 10th, 2007. She is survived by her son Leonardo, her daughter-in-law Carmen, and her granddaughter Carmen D. and grandsons Leo and Ron with their respective families. Condolences to all her family and friends around the world.

Estela's body will be shown in Fairhaven Memorial Park in Orange County on Wednesday the 17th of January, and interred in the cemetery of the same place at 2:30pm the next day.

(feel free to correct my Spanish if need be)

Sunday, January 7, 2007

For Jyan

In the Relative Merits Debate:

Hugh Laurie
- House, M.D.
- Flight of the Phoenix
- Stuart Little
- The Piano Tuner
- Carnivale
- Blackadder
- The Man in the Iron Mask
- The Borrowers
- Sense and Sensibility
- A Bit of Fry and Laurie
- Jeeves and Wooster
- The Adventures of Mole

John C. McGinley
- Are We Done Yet?
- Scrubs
- Puff, Puff, Pass
- A.W.O.L
- Kim Possible
- Spider-Man
- Stealing Harvard
- Office Space
- The Rock
- Born on the Fourth of July
- Platoon
- Sweet Liberty

hint: Hugh Laurie wins

New Year's Resolutions for Work

Since I didn't post any personal ones, resolutions for work:

- Get back into doing a thematic movie day once every other week or so
- More hands-on activities, fewer worksheets
- Figure out a way to engourage more reading
- Figure out a better way to keep track of class "points"
Watching The Stand with whats'-his-face-who's-always-on-the-scifi-channel. Stephen King needs to not do parts in his own movies. This is pretty bad, but for some reason I can't stop watching.

And I just realized I go back to work next week -- to start it off, there's a planning meeting Monday morning, yay.

Things are going really well, though; got all my Latin textbooks for less than half price, found a bunch of DVDs at Vulcan I'd been looking for to rent (especially Sherlock Hound), and have today off to not do much of anything. Except finishing my thank-you cards; I got mosst of them done in one fell swoop, and I've been kind of slacking since then. Boo me.

School starts on the 16th! My very first class is at 8am. Whooooo.