Saturday, June 21, 2008

Goodwill 50th Anniversary Party

Here are the photos from the Goodwill party! There was food (free hamburgers, whoo) on the first floor, as well as a balloon artist.

Top floor held all the cover bands and dancing space :-D

In honor of the event, I showed up wearing a purse, top, skirt, and sandals that I bought at the Goodwill on North Lamar. I think the whole outfit only cost me $27.

Mom and Dad, of course, had to one-up me by being better dressed.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time, even the woman who had to dress as a witch to promote the Ghoulwill Ball (someone please buy me an $85 ticket?).

The cover bands were both fantastic. Of course, I was a bit partial to the group that played '80s songs [Radiostar] over the one that played '70s songs [Memphis Train Revue]. Now I will shamelessly plug for both groups and recommend them for your next event.

I had lots of fun, and everyone seemed completely exhausted by the end of the evening. There were certainly plenty of couples who, to use the modern "slang," decided to "cut a rug."

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