Saturday, September 6, 2008


After the hour-and-eighteen-minutes of sheer pain that was Demon Hunter . . . actually, I take that back. Demon Hunter was maybe a bit less than an hour of sheer pain, because there were at least twenty minutes of Billy Drago as the Demon of Lust who Dresses Like a Dickensian Hobo with Fingerless Gloves. (you can't see the gloves in that photo, but they're classic)


After the slightly less than an hour of sheer pain that was Demon Hunter, I wasn't expecting much from Revamped. And boy, was I pleasantly surprised! It's an (I would guess, very deliberately) extra-campy vampire B-movie filled with leather-wearing vamps and other pleasant things.

Assuming we can afford tickets to the Ghoulwill ball, I'm stealing one of Drago's outfits for my Halloween costume. You can check out a photo gallery here: it's the costume with the silver-trimmed purple cape and red-lined hood.

Most of the costume's going to be pretty easy to find at Goodwill or in my closet: black slacks and mock turtleneck, purple robe, black boots (we never see them on-screen, so I'm going with artistic license, here), and hair whitener (Heaven help me, I will be cutting my hair for this costume).

On the other hand, the Devil is in the details. There's a necklace that's going to be a pain in the butt to find a reasonable copy of, and oh yeah, I'd like a copy of the necronomicon to cart around, as well.

I'll also be buying a pair of those fancy vampire fangs that you mold to your own teeth and are supposed to last for ages. But frankly, I'm considering that an investment.

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