Friday, September 26, 2008

The Weather: I Am Under It

listening: Dragostea Din Tei, by O-Zone

I wish I could give everyone a Really Cool Reason why I had to pry myself off the mattress to get to my Spanish Literature class this morning (erm, afternoon). You know, like "I was out drinking with Hollywood folk until 8am" or "I rescued a penguin that had escaped from the Zoo."

The truth is, though, that I was simply sick all evening, which made venturing out into the sun and noise this morning sound very unappealing.

Well, actually, I was out having fun for part of the evening, but I was already starting to get a major headache when we left. I almost skipped the Alamo Drafthouse's Terror Thursday showing of Turkey Shoot, but decided to go at the last minute. It was very much worth it -- they had a very informative Q&A with the director before the movie.

For example, Turkey Shoot was apparently originally supposed to be a serious political movie (if I have the director's phrasing right, concerning "neocon excesses"), but their budget and time allotted for filming got slashed in half. Instead, he had his actors "camp it up" and turned Turkey Shoot into the 80's B-movie post-apocalyptic film (set in the future year 2000!) we all enjoyed last night. The gore was a little "euggh" in places (quoth the director, "blood is cheap!"), but everyone had to clap as the antagonists got picked off. And, I enjoyed it very much; I'm more of a fan of b-movies than deep political commentary, and this movie had some of both.

After the film, the director hung around for a little while. I'd met up with some friends who had some more questions about the movie, so he came over to our area, which was very cool.

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