Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Staycation Photos, part II

Here are part of the remaining photos from our staycation.

First, pictures from the sailboat! It's been a long, long time since I even went down to Lake Travis, so this was exciting. Well, actually, it was very, very relaxing.

Oh, and I caught (read: reeled in) a little catfish, which we then had to release -- somebody on the boat doesn't like seeing their food before it's been cooked.We almost got to sail through a storm (whee!), but missed most of it. We did plenty of rain and some bumpy water for a while, though, which was also fun. For obvious reasons, there are no photos of us in the rain with the boat at a 30-degree angle.

And then I got a nice little visit to the spa. Mom tricked me -- I was promised a massage and pedicure, and she slipped in an eyebrow wax as well. Yeowch!
But boy did I look adorable afterwards :-D

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