Wednesday, September 24, 2008

News 'n' Things

There are several new pieces up over at The Green Yak etsy site. If you like, we can start a debate about the morality of "re-purposing" (read: cutting up) an old rosary to make this necklace and this necklace here.

My Advanced Writing professor has talked me into submitting a short piece I wrote for class to the Sun Magazine. I will be certain to let everyone know if it gets published in their Readers Write section :-D

I went to see Burn After Reading this evening. As a rule, I try to go into movies with a blank slate; I very rarely do any research other that watching the trailer. In retrospect, knowing that this was a Coen bothers film (see Fargo) would have prepared me for the ending.

I think I enjoyed Burn After Reading the most out of the four of us. The humor was very dark in places, but the plot was just plain engrossing. Also, the cast is quite literally all-star.

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