Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Following the long-established criteria for not sounding like a whiny person, I'm going to preface my venting with some positive points.

First, today was pretty great, all around. I road-tested one of the new bracelets for my etsy shop (if things can survive 5 hours of being dinged around campus and still look pristine, I know they're good). I also got some great feedback on my personal essay in my advanced writing class -- some of the changes are going to be hard to make, but they're most likely necessary.

What else? Oh, my paycheck came in (yay paycheck!). I'm making soup for dinner because my sinuses are clogged (yay blood from the nose! wait, no, ew.), and I have very little homework this evening.

Yeah, okay, are we all in a good mood now?

Because I just have to touch on one of my pet peeves: unhelpful peer critiques. Don't get me wrong, there were some really helpful comments tossed around in class today, and I also understand that sometimes one just has nothing particularly insightful to say about a piece. It's cool.

What I have a problem with are peer comments that (in my opinion) actually [unintentionally] would make the writing worse.

For example, one classmate went through and made a bunch of changes to the "voice" of my writing. I'm thinking, if this is a personal essay, maybe we should leave my voice intact? Hmm? Yes.

There were also a few scattered comments about my not having a neat, nice little conclusion. I struggled with this while writing the essay, because most people are conditioned throughout their academic careers to wrap each paper up nicely with a bow. Unfortunately, this isn't really a topic/style that lends itself to fully-answered questions at the end. So there *nyah*

In conclusion, the worst thing that happened to me today is that I was mildly annoyed for ten minutes while reading some comments from well-meaning peers. I've had worse evenings :-D


margeeta said...

In this comment I will discuss my day, to make you feel better.
First, my major is based around critiques. One of the main rules is not "it looks cool" comments, or it effects are grade. Today I had to endure even more critiques in multimedia and stay after 30 minutes because my teacher likes to rant.
Second, I got 4 hours of sleep. Do not give a rat a paper bag before you go to sleep and expect it to be quiet!
Thirdly, I got hit by a car. Well the car I was in got hit by another car, on my side. It was their fault. Everyone was ok, and my friend (car owner) and I had thai food afterwards.
Fourthly, Niki did NOT email me back!
In conclusion, as I have stated in this comment, I quite like jello.

NAZD said...

In my comment, I will respond to the previous comment, which has clearly been left by someone who likes jello:

a) I hope you were not injured in any way by the car.

b) I am hopping on Facebook now -- go there that we may discuss a round of puzzle pirates?

Jyan said...

Well, take solace in the fact that your day was still better than mine (though, the car thing has me at a disadvantage). STUPID WEDNESDAY!