Saturday, August 30, 2008

Photos, part III

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This is part three of my massive photo dump, and part one of the staycation photos. We did, in fact, opt for a staycation this summer, and it was actually a lot of fun. We stayed in the Holiday Inn on Town Lake, which is very nice.

The first afternoon, we had lunch at Manuel's (where we ran into a friend of mom's and his partner, and the manager gave us a free dessert. the food is also delicious):

Then, we went for a walk:
I was supposed to photoshop someone into this picture, but I think it's funnier without:
Upon finding a fountain and some steps, we decided to be horribly irresponsible and irrepressibly silly:

Recognize this scene?:

Finally, stopped to look intellectual:

But that's hard work, so shortly thereafter we took a carriage tour:

The tour was a lot of fun. It's designed for tourists, so we picked up a lot of information about downtown Austin and some of the historic homes within the city.

More pictures to come once I get some emailed to me (hint, hint, mom). I regret to inform everyone that I was too distracted during the horseback riding, sailing, and spa visit to get any photos.

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