Thursday, August 14, 2008

"How very dare you?!"

I read a theory the other day, which stated that there are only 50 actors in the UK.

The corollary is that these actors have all been in Doctor Who.

I think I believe this theory, considering that every time I find a new actor I love in Doctor Who, I can trace their work history back and find other shows that I also enjoy. John Simm gave me Life on Mars, and now I've started watching the Catherine Tate Show.

Actually, we've only seen the first episode so far, but I thought it was great (we would have watched more, but it was 2am and I had to work at 7am). I can't decide whether her Aga Saga woman or Screams-at-every-sound-lady (according to the wikipedia page, "Frightened Woman") is my favorite.

Sadly leaving the realm of Things From the BBC, we have actual news. I turned a skirt into a bag, so that'll be up on etsy tonight or tomorrow. Yes, this is news.

My family is going on some sort of vacation starting possibly sometime tomorrow. While we're apparently not very good at preplanning, I was promised parasailing, which sounds like fun. Oh, and we'll be attending the advance screening of The Longshots, since my dad's in it.

I had to ask off Sunday from my childcare job in order to join the vacation. My boss went me one better and gave me every Sunday off for the rest of forever. Yep, I have been fired from a Baptist church, which surely comes as no surprise to anyone at all.

Honestly, though, they were "restructuring", and they're a small place, so I'm not too hurt. The $30 weekly paycheck loss is offset by the fact that I don't have to get up at 8am every Sunday from now on. I will miss the kids, though -- freakin' adorable.

I do keep promising photos, don't I? I will resize them all while on vacation (probably) and upload them, say, next Tuesday? Sure.

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