Friday, August 29, 2008

Photos, part II

listening: Billy Joel, Big Shot

These are from Sarah's birthday party. She and I have birthdays within two weeks of each other, so that's neato.

Sarah (of course):

Ivy, in the Batman dress that she made herself (*is so very jealous*):

And Jyan and David:

Everything was great, until the aliens came:
Group(ish) shot. We all wound up in front of the computer for a little Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog... and then some 30-second bunny movies:

And some wildly inappropriate cartoons:
We also watched some great movies. Apparently The Dark Crystal is a classic? I would not have been able to tell just from sitting through it. We also saw Deathproof (great right up until the ending), and I got to meet Sarah's neighbor.

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