Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let the new month start!

Someone asked if I'd be participating in National Novel Writing Month this year.

And... I'm not. However, I've decided to update this blog every day this month (unless something way more exciting comes up and I've forgotten to cheat and have something set to auto-post). You lucky, lucky readers. Be sure to tune in around week 3, when I'll be completely out of ideas and probably just start linking to Sherlock Holmes fan fiction.

But at the moment, I have plenty of material. Namely, photos from the weeklong trip I took with my brother to Southern England. I've wanted to visit England - and London specifically - for a very very long time; probably since I first started reading Sherlock Holmes stories in middle school.

My face when I arrived looked something like :D and it stayed like :D for most of the week.

Photos this evening are from the first day, which was spent getting lost in London. On foot, because I had this insane fear of getting lost on the Tube and never getting to see Stonehenge. Also, Wikipedia and the third Mummy movie tell me those double-decker buses just can't be safe.

The hotel was lovely. We didn't have much of a view, but then we didn't spend much time there.

View on the way to the British Museum, where we had all sorts of fun. You could honestly spend days in there:
Alek seemed to enjoy taking photos of me in front of very large things.

And the Rosetta Stone! It's a freakin' rock star - there was a crowd around it every time we passed by.

At the touristy store across the street. He looks quite dashing, and thankfully did not decide to purchase/wear it for the entire trip.

Did I mention the London Eye was exactly a five-minute walk from the hotel? More on that later.

The first night we opted for dinner at The Prospect of Whitby, followed by a boat tour down the Thames, where I got props for knowing who Maurice Micklewhite is. Apparently he worked in a building overlooking the river before deciding to go star in a bunch of movies I love and just generally be awesome.

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