Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Am Lost Without It

Short post again tonight.

Mainly because the moment I made an actual budget and realized I had spare cash, my previously-faithful PC gave up the ghost for the second and possibly final time.

Really, considering I'd dropped it on a tile floor four times, it was about time. When I tried that with my mac, the hard drive exploded immediately.

So, the laptop is dead - RIP Killer Tomato (and most of my files) - long live the laptop!

My new one's a Gateway as well, because they're clearly incredibly tough. And his name is Boswell.

I've done all the important laptop-breaking-in things this evening:
  • Erased the unwanted junk that came standard
  • Set a new desktop background to replace the delicious "charity car wash" one I used to have. This one's tasteful instead, *sigh*
  • Set bookmark tabs for Netflix, Google Reader, my bank, Wish Upon a Hero, Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger
  • Watched an episode of Lie to Me. I'm trying to catch up before Hulu takes anything down. I'm a bit iffy on some of the plots this season, but will probably never get tired of watching Tim Roth strut around and piss people off.

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