Friday, September 10, 2010


I'm spending the night at a friend's house, celebrating her 25th. As she's in theatre and taking an improv class, we decided to play charades.

Even better than the ones we get right (whoo, 1776!) or wrong (CASABLANCA, really?) are the guesses that happen before getting it:

The Gentleman Cat = The Aristocats
Rain Makes Grass Grow / Wings Back Wings = Fern Gully
Car Heaven = Van Helsing
Five Men Go To Washington = Mr. Smith, etc etc.
Something Here and Gone = Gone With the Wind
Cow Dick = Cowboy Bebop
Ratatouille = Hamlet (don't even ask)
Are You A Mouse? = Labyrinth
Die Punch Ow = Die Hard
Queen of Australia = The African Queen
Penguin Penguin Penguin = Duck Soup
Oh, You Are A Mouse This Time = Flowers for Algernon

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