Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last Trip Post, 2 of 4

More photos than words, this time.

Day two of the busing part of the trip included an early-morning stop in a tiny little town:
and across a weak bridge
into Wales to visit Tintern Abbey.

Which was gorgeous enough that I'm not surprised there's even a poem.

I'm still half-convinced that Welsh is a trick played on tourists
but I've found a few sites and plan to learn to at least read it before I go back.

The last stop of the day was Bath:

where we had a nice lunch (shepherd's pie) and a nice walk and saw the Roman Baths.

We also saw a frankly hilarious street performer with a great routine worked out (chains, whips, broken glass, and breadsticks? Marvelous). I think he may be my soul-mate, which perhaps explains a lot about my life.

Next time: post 3 of 4, in which we see Very Old Rocks and get lost in a bookshop.


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fpdorchak said...

Cool pix! But did you notice that in the 4th pix down on the Last Trip Post, 2 of 4, you were being...MONITORED? Yeah...check out that picture again, look REALLY close to the MAN IN THE BACKGROUND, off on the right. Had you both felt "watched" throughout your trip? Guys always ducking just outside of view at the last minute...more beer or soda gone from your drink than you last remembered?! Bwa-HA-HA!

Looks you two had fun! Uncle F

Niwi said...

Hehehe - funnily enough, that's actually one of the Candian guys who was on our tour. He *did* seem to do a lot of "taking photos" in the background.

I like to imagine that he's at home showing HIS family the photos, and they're wondering why these two kids are in the foreground all the time....