Friday, September 17, 2010

I Love Having Artsy Friends

One of the most adorable sketches of me ever created (click for a better view):

My sleepy-mumble text comes from an early-morning conversation with this group of friends. We were discussing the possibly-apocryphal stories of families sewing their daughters into bed while entertaining male guests. (Because virginity is all-important and the responsibility of the female because men can't control themselves. Clearly.) Someone mentioned that a man who knew how to sew would have been incredibly popular; we then made the logical connection to tailors being the best possible boyfriends.

Of course, when I went online I couldn't find a single link referencing this practice/myth, so if anyone wants to point me towards a site or book, that would be brilliant.

Side note: the drool wasn't there in the original picture. E added it because I've slept over at her place and apparently that makes it more "accurate". Hmph

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