Friday, January 9, 2009

Movie Quotes Meme: Answers! (Part 1)

Well, almost all of these were answered on Facebook within a few days. For shame, relatives who read this blog!

Answers, Part One:

1. Character A: [Drinking some very strong alcohol in the middle of a fight] What the hell is that?
Character B: What does it mean when there's a picture of a skull?
Character A: Good stuff!!!

A: Jackie Chan's Drunken Master. The clip is a bit long (just over 9 minutes), but I think it's all good. The actual drinking starts at around 4:10, and then it's just all over for the bad guys.

2. Character A: Correct me if I'm wrong, Pete - weren't you killed in a gunfight?
Pete: I was only gut shot. I'm stronger now with less appetite.

A: This one's a TV show -- Brisco County, Jr. Which I wish had lasted for more than one season. I couldn't find any clips of the quote I used, but here's one of an air-banjo fight involving Pete:

And here's Pete bein' crazy. It's what he does:

3. Character A: Word is they're going to repeal Prohibition. What'll you do then?
Character B: I think I'll have a drink.

A: The Untouchables. Featuring an amazing cast, and one of the best final scenes ever. I couldn't find it on YouTube, though, so instead have some hot Sean Connery action:

4. I'm your huckleberry...

A: Tombstone, featuring Val Kilmer at his best --

5. When James Bond gets an assignment, he probably ends up on the Riviera, up to his 007's in bikinis. Me? I end up 80 miles past nowhere.

A: MacGyver, another TV show standing in for a movie I couldn't find any good quotes for on IMDB.

Here's a clip with the classic coffin jet ski --

-- and a bonus MacGyver funny from Stargate

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