Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Photos

They're not really a year late, it just looks that way.

And actually, the title of this post is a horrible, horrible lie. These are, in reality, pictures from decorating the tree --

-- which happened before Christmas.


The house was already decorated, and it looked very nice:

Anyhow, decorating the tree is a time-honored, lengthy, and serious process. Here, Alek demonstrates the appropriate attire and attitude for this undertaking:

For myself, I dressed up and took on a supervisory role:
After delving into many boxes which had not seen the light of day for nearly a year --

-- and placing and re-placing the ornaments (angels, reindeer, and other flying things near the top, ugly ornaments the kids made when they were six in the back) --

-- The tree was finished.

But wait! Something was missing!

Fortunately, one of us was able to keep her head and solve the problem:

I would have saved the day myself, but my plan to "MacGyver a tree ornament out of dryer lint, chewing gum, and three raw eggs" was met with open hostility.

Instead, grandpa just put the light-up angel on the tree:

And, if I may say so ("objectively"), the tree looked fantastic this year!


Anonymous said...

what fun! hehehe I get to be the smart one ... glad you made it home - it would not be Christmas without you

NAZD said...

Without you, we would have a Charlie Brown tree decorated completely with tinsel and half-eaten candy canes. Seriously.

<3, niki