Thursday, January 15, 2009

I should be ashamed of myself

I think I just agreed to dress as a pokemon:

Ivy: pokemon cosplay would be adorable and fun
Me: haha
Ivy: hmm
Ivy: I know people have based some pokemon costumes off these before
Ivy: they are quite cute
Me: preeeeety
Ivy: some are pretty simple
Ivy: but still cool
Ivy: what is your favorite pokemon
Me: that's a tough one
Me: ninetails is nice
Me: and also....
Me: hahaha
Me: i could go as porygon
Me: no, i take all that back
Me: Rapidash
Me: wins
Me: that's the firey pony one, right?
Ivy: yes
Ivy: #78
Ivy: can you set yourself on fire?
Me: remember that time dad dressed me as Joan of Arc for Halloween?
Ivy: haha
Me: me being on fire is totally doable
Ivy: do you want the pony or horse version
Me: horse
Ivy: rapidash is the evolution of ponyta
Me: the bottom picture there
Ivy: porygon
Ivy: good luck with that
Me: lol
Me: yeah
Me: me, a square?
Me: never
Ivy: aahhh
Ivy: haha

1 comment:

margeeta said...

let me show you my pokemans

Did we ever decide which pokemon we are cosplaying?

I need to get to work on the skirt for you.