Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good Out, Good In

listening: No Hay Nadie Como Tu, by Calle 13/Cafe Tacuba

Just what it says on the tin.

After mailing two cards for Wish Upon a Hero this afternoon, I checked the mail, where three awesome packages awaited me:

Four Judge Dredd comics off ebay that I paid for with my paid surveys cash. Well, two 2000 A.D. comics and two Dredd comics. Good times.

The "lid" I won from GroovyLids! Isn't it gorgeous? It was kinda hard to apply, mainly because I didn't follow the directions perfectly. You can get your own GroovyLid just like mine from their etsy shop for about $18.95 :-D

A "Love & Gratitude" shirt from Chickatees! Also very nice, and I look forward to wearing it. I actually won this months ago, but apparently my address never made it to the company. Cayce (the creator) was very nice about the whole thing, and mailed me my prize (as you can see) as soon as she could. The shirt pictured here is even on sale for $20, which is a good deal.

Other news:
- I am sick. I noticed I was feeling ill shortly before reading an article about the current vaccine-resistant strain of the flu. Perhaps I have a super-virus? One can only hope that I'll gain super powers.

- I finally uploaded the actual Christmas photos and some New Years pictures as well. My goal is to get them posted before the next major holiday (Valentine's Day, right? I have some time, then). However, there are some deterrents to getting this done:

- Work (well, a different/second job, at least) is hard to find. I applied for a position before Christmas that would have been perfect -- I received an email a few days back saying that they had removed the position due to the economy. On the bright side, they'll be keeping my resume on file for six months.

- I am addicted to MacGyver. I love this show, and I <3 style="font-style: italic;">completely unrelated news (honest!), I am eagerly waiting for something around the apartment to break. With two cats, I shouldn't have to hold my breath.

- With that in mind, I am sick and finally done working online for the evening, so I'll get back to Season 2 of MacGyver.

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margeeta said...

On the bright side: being sick is a good excuse to read three boxes of books. May I suggest reading them by a lamp and pillow, with a tricorn hat on of course.