Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm going to get so much flak for this...

... but I'm really kind of excited about the upcoming Yanni project. There, I said it: I am very excited about the upcoming Yanni project.

Justin and I were watching the annual PBS money-raising special a month or so back, and there were teasers for the upcoming CD, titled Voices. The clips we caught were interesting (we wound up staying awake much later than planned to watch it), and the music was simply beautiful. If you want, you can catch the PBS special starting on March 2nd -- the information on the PBS Special Air Dates is here.

And, of course, the Yanni Voices website is a good place to visit. I checked it out when I first heard about the CD's imminent release (March 24th!). Nathan Pacheco is my favorite singer of the bunch, based on what I've been able to hear of the new CD, but they're all very talented. You can hear one of the songs briefly in the promotional video, or stream one of each artist's songs on the Yanni Voices website. Some of it is very romantic, Valentines Day-worthy music!

It makes me wish the tour were coming through Austin when it starts April 10th. Unfortunately, according to the tour info, the closest they're coming is Dallas and Houston.

...anyone want to go on a road trip with me? :-D

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Anonymous said...

if you didn't scare people off because of your shameless YAWNI blab - maybe you would have comments.