Saturday, October 4, 2008

In Which I Change My Mind (Again)

Sarah accuses me of changing my mind roughly every other week in regards to my Halloween costume. And . . . she's totally correct. On the back burner I have plans to be the Goblin King from Labyrinth (I am saving it until I learn to contact juggle. Someday.), one of the Angels from the Blink episode of Doctor Who, the satyr from Reefer Madness, etc. etc.

As you may recall, the Ghoulwill Ball is fast approaching, with the theme Vampires and Vintage. I realized that no honest-to-goodness flapper dress is ever going to fit me (alas, I am not 5'6" and twiggy), so I'm not going to match my date's gangster costume.

As a result, it's back to the drawing board. I'm taking a vote here, for the next few days, at which point I'll need to make a final decision and start making my costume. SO THEN

Should I go as:

Option A) "Vampire":

+ the homemade Necronomicon purse I'd be making. Also, it would fill ME with the giggles, but probably not everyone at the party will have seen Revamped.

Option B) "Vintage":

+ well, Gene Wilder is just amazing. Also, I might make some fantastical fake "candy" to carry around. AND, I'd get to play up the "quietly insane" side of my personality that is oh-so-cleverly concealed the rest of the year (right? right??). The only challenge will be NOT using the phrase "I'm wet and hysterical!" over the course of the evening.

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Anonymous said...

Willy is by FAR the best costume ... especially with the paper mache candy