Saturday, October 4, 2008


It occurred to me that I may-or-may-not need to have a Halloween costume by Monday at 7pm, so I went ahead and started working on one.

Since I already have brown slacks and a white dress shirt, I chose Willy Wonka. Tomorrow, the hunt begins for a purple coat and brown top hat (and, according to my notes, a "Vest w/horrible purple flowers").

What's that, you say? I am missing something? The brown bow-tie, as can be seen below? They are extremely difficult to find, say, online.

Nope, got that covered! One hour + a brown pillowcase = Wonka Bowtie!

Now, anyone want to give me some lines to feed Justin when he notices that his pillowcase is missing?


margeeta said...

Yay! Wonka Wash!
Nice choice in costume.
I got the fabric today to make my skirt, now I need the hat, vest and blouse.

NAZD said...

I'm glad you like it! I am also excited to see what your costume looks like when it's finished :-D

(and oh yeah, I need to send you my measurements. bad NAZD)

Anonymous said...

I love willy wonka!

you'll look cute and gene and gilda will smile crooked little smiles up in chocolate heaven :-)

like the bow BTW

NAZD said...

The thought of gilda radner up in chocolate heaven is possibly the sweetest (pun intended) thing EVER.

However, in regards to Mr. Wilder :