Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Got Distracted

So, the internet. It is full of things.

Thanks to the PotterSues (you don't need to know) community on Livejournal, I have gotten totally distracted from that sleeping thing that I do. Sometimes.

Kawaii Not is made of funny. This strip ftw.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in 15 minutes is made of freakin' hilarious. It helps if you've actually seen the movie, but some of the quotes are hilarious all by themselves:


SNAPE: I want two rolls of parchment on WEREWOLVES by tomorrow, including what WEREWOLVES look like, how to detect WEREWOLVES in the faculty of a British boarding school for wizards, and the definition of the Latin word “lupus.” CLASS DISMISSED! [if you're unaware -- the professor's name is Remus Lupin. Oh, and he's teh werewolfzors]

HARRY: Well… I have this memory… actually it wasn’t a very happy memory, and really it wasn’t even a memory, it was just something I saw in a magic mirror, but…
HARRY: *produces a giant shield of light*
LUPIN: Wow! You held off a fake Dementor with a fake memory! Let's just assume that'll work with a real one!

HARRY [with Hermione’s wand]: EXPELLIARMUS!
EXPELLIARMUS: *for some reason does not just disarm Snape but throws him through the wall of the Shack*

Harry zooms off on his new broom with the movie ending on a close-up of his artfully blurred face, perhaps to suggest in the language of cinematic metaphor that this time he is rendered blurry with happiness.
Or that the camera guy can't hold the lens still. Something.

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