Friday, October 10, 2008

From the Set

Here are some of the pictures from the Code Enforcer shoot. Alek and I were there from 10pm until 7:30 the next morning, since the nighttime Halloween Gala had to be shot (gasp!) at night.

Let's all ignore the fact that I had class the next afternoon, blurgh.

There aren't any pictures of me, because these are all from my camera. At some point mom's supposed to be sending me the photos she took, but until then here you go:
Before filming started -- Code Enforcer actors and extras milling about.

Aleks came as The Dude. Heaven help me, I still haven't seen whatever movie he's from (and the costume just doesn't make me want to).

The extras worked for free, of course, but my mom found some places around Austin to sponsor little free gifts. Here we have "The Governor of Texas" drawing names out of a hat. Al and I didn't win anything, but I already own an ipod ANYWAY SO THERE.

The "governor", whose real name is apparently Glynn Praesel, was awesome for the entire evening. Even at 4am he was making jokes and showing off magic tricks. Just a great guy.

Ah yes, Dad (excuse me, Greg Dorchak as Vern Speiner) being a great big ham. Look for his costume change later.

Lunch break! I think this was around 2am? Anyway, someone made the mistake of falling asleep. An innocent game of "let's balance sugar packets on his head. . . "

. . . turned into "how much stuff can we pile on this defenseless man?" Eventually, everyone sang Happy Birthday until he woke up. All of this makes perfect sense, I am told, if you're a movie person. (as a former band geek, I always learned that You Should Never Be The First One To Fall Asleep. a good life lesson here, kids)

Also at lunch, Al stole my hat and decided to be one of the musicians from Guitar Hero III.

Guess who!

Eddie Mekka as Sonny Goblotto. Another hilarious person, even if he did almost mow down a mob of extras with a golf cart (if you want an explanation of that, you'll have to see the movie).

Greg Dorchak as Vern Speiner again. I believe a mob of suburbanites tried to lynch him? Which explains the garden hose noose but not the Shriners hat.

The best part of the scene they're setting up for here was the repeated takes: Dad had to scream "NEIN!" and throw himself in front of the governor. The first time, the mattress for the stunt hadn't been set up. Ehehehe.

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