Friday, October 17, 2008

I Should Be Selling Locks of My Hair

I am apparently made of lucky this week. Everyone feel free to give me cash in exchange for my nail clippings and locks of hair: You Too Can Have My Luck!

First, I won the notecards and pendant that I mentioned several posts ago. Yesterday, I got a pair of really nice earrings for my mom's Christmas gift from Sandra Eileen Jewelry with a gift certificate I won: the earrings were $9 with priority shipping.

Today, I won this "Love and Gratitude" t-shirt from Chickatees!

I will assume I have hit the celestial jackpot if all of my transcripts reach UT by Monday morning (the deadline to apply for graduation). I called this morning and they still hadn't gotten the one from ACC, or my registration for the University Extension course I need.

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