Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random other updates

Since I never update this thing, and clearly people are very interested.

Currently listening to Pandora online:
- Here Comes the Sun (Live), George Harrison
- This Modern Love, Bloc Party
- Send me on My Way, Rusted Root
- The Weight, The Band

Currently reading:
- just finished Sarah (it was actually fairly interesting, but mostly it was free)
- working on book 7 of the Dresden Files
- rereading the Judge Child Quest cycle of Judge Dredd comics
- as soon as I get it back from Justin's mom, I'll be reading In the Time of the Butterflies

Plans for the evening:
- stop working at 9:30
- go to the fitness center
- have a glass of amaretto water
- read

Plans for the week:
- haircut tomorrow
- J/C's wedding Friday evening
- Work most of the day Saturday, maybe tutoring Al (?)

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