Saturday, May 3, 2008

End of the Semester!

Friday was the last day of classes!

The last few days are always pretty emotional. I think the only reason I wasn't really broken up about the end of my Grant Writing class is that I know I'll have the same prof. again this fall (and I'm really looking forward to it).

So, in the last week, I've turned in a handful of final projects, taken two final exams in class, and written a few last papers. *whew* All I have left for the semester are two finals: applied linguistics and spanish literature, joy.

I went and became a "member-owner" at the Wheatsville Co-op today. I'm going to start buying all of my produce, rice, pasta, and beans there. On the other hand, that's all I'm willing to buy at the Co-op; their fancy-schmancy organic gluten-free breads and hand-fed-bees honey is not quite within a college student's budget.

Peter and Carly had a Beltane party the other night, so that was fun. And, speaking of which, here are Scarborough Fair photos:

The entrance. A castle, you say? Yes, I would like to enter.

I don't know how to caption this one. My only options seem to be the silly "An hat shop!!" and the sophomoric "I got crab at Scarby!" I'll let you guess which one I chose.

Zilch the Torysteller, happily spoonerizing your favorite fairy tales beyond all recognition!

Seriously, though, he's great.

Lunch! It comes in a bowl. Made of bread. (A bread bowl, if you will)

Also, if you sit still long enough, cute guys with German accents will come sing you rap songs. Yes!

What's that? A mask made from awesome? Actually, it's made from leather, and I think it looks amazing. There are some seriously talented people selling their wares at Scarby.

Oh, to be young enough to ride the jousting game.

Sitting in the audience. I love that I captured the random stranger checking Carly out here.

Me an' Amanda.

Oh, right. This is me getting my hair braided by the Twisted Sisters. They did a great job, and I got a green flower in my hair. Fun fun.

This is a kids' ride, which is why I convinced everyone to hop on with me. That guy with the dreds had to run back and forth to make it move. Also, he was interesting to talk to -- he hopped on while the ride was going so we could chat.

I'm really too short to be pulling off that pose. *alas*

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