Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Being Nice: Does it Work?

A month ago, the Financial Aid department royally messed up my aid award. Basically, because my "permanent" and "school" addresses are the same (you know, because I live in an apartment in town?), the school decided that I live at home with my parents and get lots of money from them.

The exact. same. mistake. they made this time last year. Except, last year it took less than a week to completely resolve the issue.

Today marked the one-month anniversary of my first call to the finaid office. All I needed to do, they said, was email a copy of my lease. So I did.

And waited. And waited. And waited.

In the last month, I've sent three very polite emails and made two or three very polite phone calls. All I wanted to know was if the fax had been received by my finaid counselor. That was it -- a yes or no answer. I got nothing all month but "we're very busy" and "it could take a month! [or more! who knows! not me, I just work here!]."

This afternoon I called, and was slightly less than polite. More of a: "Look, in a whole month, I think someone can give me a yes or no answer."

The moment I stopped being completely nice? Oh, wait, it's "I'll see if she's in" and "she's not working on fall awards yet, but your fax is on her desk."


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