Tuesday, April 1, 2008


If you think I'm behind on blogging about holidays, you should see my scrapbook. (let's just say I'm not at 2008 yet)

Easter was pretty typical at the ZD household, [although someone didn't make any food from the Slovak cookbook and thereby ruined Easter]

First, there was Guitar Hero.

Then, despite not having a single family member under the age of 17 -- unless you count the dogs -- we tromped out front for the Easter egg hunt. Mom, filled with ideas of us "playing fair" and "being nice to our guest" and "Niki and Dad not taking all of the eggs from everyone else again this year" made us go out at staggered times. Sadly, this meant pretty much everyone got outside before me.

And, some horrible person had brought two dozen cascarones, ensuring that everyone got covered in confetti and bits of egg.

Eventually we were pretty sure we'd gotten all the eggs (if not, we'll find out in May when it gets really hot), so everyone headed back indoors. There were prizes for all: Al, as the baby (I mean, youngest family member) got a chocolate bunny and a National Geographic magazine, and I got lottery tickets for my gambling fix. Oh, and the cartoon eggs, of course.
Polar Bear

Street Musician

Fidel Castro (no, I don't know why)

Then dad did the traditional ZD Easter Bunny Dance, and we all had dinner.

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