Monday, April 14, 2008

Habitat for Humanity

Finally, here are the photos for the Saturday we spent with Habitat for Humanity a few weeks back.

It was definitely an amazing experience; the woman whose house we were building was there, hanging out with us AND we were working to earn hours for a friend of mom's so that she can get a house sometime soon.

We worked mostly with the siding: my arms hurt for two days from carrying it around. I was deemed unfit to hammer nails into the siding, but I did get to stand on the other side of the wall and hammer out nails that came through wrong. Also, they let me use the power shears, which are awesome. Al and I did a little painting, and I acted as an anchor for the ladders on some of the more uneven ground.

"Wait, there are people inside? I should be more careful with the nail gun . . ."

Inexplicably, they gave the GIANT level to the shortest person in the group.

"Ah, yes, we have located the corner of the building. Excellent."

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