Monday, March 31, 2008

Understatement of the Semester Award Goes To. . .

. . . Ivy! for her performance in "IM Conversation from This Afternoon."

Ivy (6:06:55 PM): I got those two pieces of my own into the show and the commercial from art direction which was a group project
Me (6:07:04 PM): ^_^!
Ivy (6:07:34 PM): I got $40 for each of my pieces so $80 and a certificate for getting into the show
Me (6:07:39 PM): wow
Me (6:07:41 PM): nice!
Ivy (6:07:45 PM): then our commercial won a Ralph award
Ivy (6:07:56 PM): so $500 for that
Me (6:08:29 PM): !
Ivy (6:08:30 PM): so in the end I made out with 3 awards of exellence, a ralph, and $220
Me (6:08:35 PM): NICE
Ivy(6:08:43 PM): I'm pleased
Ivy (6:09:17 PM): oh and since we got a ralph award we are going to be in graphis magazine

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