Friday, April 29, 2011

No Wonder I Was So Tired This Morning

Apparently I spent the night in a friend's dream:

I had a crazy ass Sherlock
dream last night. It was
awesome and you were in it
Well, there was a mystery
obviously and it took place
on a train for most of it. I
was Watson some of the
time. At one point you were
a person of interest
and Sherlock had to
disguise himself to get info
from you.
You were dressed all fancy
and sipping a martini and
Sherlock was awkward since
I told him to flirt with you,
but you figured him out and
dropped hints about
who the murderer was.
There was a lot of chasing
and arguing
At one point Sherlock saved
a child and he kept scaring
her by being weird and I
would scold him. I was a very
nagging Watson

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