Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yet More From the Files

I'm going to make this a recurring thing until I a) run out of scans to post or b) have other things to blog about.

Today's gem - an excuse note for class. My dad's notes became legendary among the office ladies in high school; I imagine they were a nice treat after 400 "Please excuse X so they can Y" letters a day.

I wish I'd remembered to get photocopies of more of them:



Dear Warden:

Please allow Nicole [REDACTED] to leave school at 10:50A today, not because she really needs to or anything, she just wants to frolic on the front lawn.
Nicole will be back by noon-thirty . . . that is, unless THEY get her.

Thankew -

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Anonymous said...

I see now where it all begun ...

and you know what i mean by "it..."