Monday, January 11, 2010

Stars and Stripes

Most of what I own is still packed up - my current project involves taking my things out of the cardboard liquor boxes, donating anything I no longer want to Goodwill, and repacking everything in sturdy plastic containers. (Which, by the way, are a complete steal at HEB right now: $4 each).

It's been a trip, as I keep coming across old school documents that have somehow followed me around all this time. Case in point, this extra credit assignment from 1996 (click to read the large version):

My handwriting over the last 14 years: largely unchanged.
My writing style over the last 14 years: thankfully changed quite a bit.
My signature over the last 14 years: evolved to no longer include little hearts over my i's. I use stars now.

(Actually, I take that back. My handwriting now is actually worse. Amazing.)

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