Monday, February 23, 2009


Things I am loving right now:

1) Weird City Theatre. I was Jyan's plus-one for their Sherlock Holmes play, which was fun. The actors playing Holmes and Watson were great, several members of the cast were good, and fortunately the less-great actors didn't have too much stage time. While the decision to play Moriarty as a black-clad mafia boss threw me some, I suppose that an old, bald, maths professor isn't very interesting to watch on stage. Holmes got some great lines, although I'll never understand the need to tack on a love interest. It's wrong and bad and ... okay, okay, I'll admit it: I teared up as he angsted over his love for what's-her-face.

2) AISD. Yay, AISD! They have an easy-to-use application form and will keep my information on file for six months, which is fantastic. The only thing better would be getting hired soon as a teaching assistant at a location nearby. *fingers are crossed*

3) Legend. I'm sure most of my friends are sick of hearing about how much I love this show, but too bad. If I mention it often enough perhaps it will be released on DVD so I can watch it on a screen larger than three inches square. The version I am watching now is a copy of what someone recorded from the TV 13 years ago on to video tape. The picture quality, as a result, is not so wonderful. The episode I watched last night was the (*gag*) obligatory "The Protagonist Has Been Accused of a Horrific Crime!" plot, but still fun to watch. The Monty Python and Star Trek references made up for all the usual cliches, which included The Young Child who expresses Complete Faith in the Protagonist, The Unfair Trial and/or Incompetent Lawyer, and The Escape from Prison with a Homemade Invention. Coffee pot + candy dish + vase for single rose = blowtorch. The tray-as-face-mask was really the crowning touch, there.

4) Having a workout buddy! At least, Heather is my favorite person at the moment. We'll see how I feel after the 9am cycling class tomorrow. *dies*

Things I am not loving right now:

1) Taxes. Or, more specifically, owing them.

2) The job search. Having a new job is much nicer than looking for one.

3) Allergies. I spent most of Sunday and this morning with my head all fuzzy.


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