Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ikkicon Costume: Steampunk Lolita

Friday was the start of ikkicon at one of the Hilton hotels downtown. Ivy wanted to go in costume; I'm not really that into anime or cosplay. So, she roped me in by using the magic words, "what about if we do steampunk lolita?"

I can't resist good steampunk.

So, we've spent the last few weeks putting in some time here and there to get ready on a college graduate's budget.

The pieces:

One pirate-y green belt, courtesy our local Goodwill ($3.99)

A brown underskirt -- I bought the cloth at $1/yard, and Ivy made a skirt on her sewing machine in about 30 minutes the night before.

A suitable white blouse -- again sewn by Ivy.

Brown "100% leather uppers" boots, $6.99 practically new at Goodwill.

One white petticoat, purchased at the convention from La'De'Da's in the artist's alley. I got a great deal on the larger (poofier) petticoat, but the smaller ones are a reasonable $28.

One stripey overskirt, created by Ivy out of a former dress.

Shiny costume accents, created by yours truly from safety pins and old jewelry donated by some of the lovely people over at Wish Upon a Hero.

More shiny pretties, this one made by me from of imitation peal beads and bottle caps painted a brassy color.

A suitably steamy aero-compass. The casing is a painted tin container; crafting odds and ends make up the points of the compass; a brad and a dragon pendant serve as the needle, and more leftover jewelry parts make the chain.

Fuzzy fur collars. Our story is that they're sewn from the pelts of sky-tribbles ... but we actually got some imitation fur from etsy, which Ivy turned into what you see above.

Any good group of ruffians has to have an appropriate symbol! This is the insignia of the Airship Copper Cupcake. As you can tell by the four stars, I'm ship's captain.

An adorable hat! Hand-crafted by someone Ivy knows.

Put everything together, and viola! Steampunk Lolita Aeroship Pirates begin their conquest in the women's rest rooms:

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