Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ikkicon 2009: Day Two

Day two of Ikkicon was also lots of fun!

It's been a week since I went, though, so I'm afraid my memory isn't as detailed as it could be.

What I do recall:

Ivy looked great in her outfit.

The lolita meetup. This one of the rare times any of you will ever see me in a petticoat and lace, so enjoy it. Perhaps print a copy for future reference? We all walked from the hotel to Spaghetti Warehouse (who thought to combine frilly outfits and messy foods?) and back. Afterwards there were group photos in the lobby -- I thought it was hilarious that "Luigi" decided to come over and take a few pictures as well.

The Gore FX panel:

"Presented by Sami Inoue-Harte Have you ever wanted to know what the best recipe for fake blood is? Or how to make a flesh eating zombie? This workshop will take the audience through the messy, and tasty, step by step process to make the perfect zombie." The panel was fun to watch, and I never realized how much you could do with a little liquid latex

And some food coloring
The con member in question looked deliciously gory after the panel finished.

My absolute favorite panel was Anime Radio. A group of voice actors ("Join Kyle Hebert (Ryu on 'Street Fighter IV') and a slew of awesome voice actor guests")

got together to read old Flash Gordon radio scripts. It was hilarious and wonderful, with the actors occasionally running into the audience to cast minor parts on the spot. By the second act all the voices had been re-cast (with the woman from the gore FX panel, who has a high voice, acting as Ming), and Flash was clearly trying to escape a relationship with Gale. My only regret is that they only made it through parts one and two -- I guess we have to wait until next year to see how Flash escapes from the ... fighting monkeys.

Finally, here's a shot pulled from the brolita forums. I asked one of the artists (Chelsea M. Smith) at the convention to do a quick sketch of Ivy and me. She worked really quickly, and even gave me a $2 discount for being the first person at the convention to request a sketch.

And so, in conclusion, a good time was had by all.

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