Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break Shenanigans, Part the Third

...cont. from previous post.

That evening was a Bob Schneider concert at Threadgills.

Charlie Mars opened and, while I enjoyed his show, it just wasn't on the same level as Bob Schneider and the Texas Bluegrass Massacre.

I'll be honest: I've never really listened to Bob Schneider's music. In fact, at several points a guy walked by wearing this shirt and my only thought was, "wow, that's an awesome top."

It wasn't until Alek went up to get a photo with the "random dude" that I realized who he was.
Heh, oops.

It was an absolute blast, though - the crowd's energy was amazing, and there was some serious talent up on the stage. As an unexpected bonus, they recorded the whole performance. If you ever listen to the CDs, at the beginning of Track 10 he says something like, "extra credit to the people in the back!" Yeah, that would be those of us on the top level of the risers, by the back fence. Whoo!

We even made friends with the complete strangers in front of us, which reminds me that I owe them some video...

Exhausted, but happy.

(It also has to count as a miracle that we did not fall off the risers while dancing, especially when we competed to see who could dance while standing on the highest step.)

Tomorrow: the last Spring Break post!

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