Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break Shenanigans, Part the Last

And so we end the Photo Saga. Look for a new post... whenever I feel like it, really. That's the whole point of having a blog :-)

We took Al to see Crazy Heart his last night in town - the four of us were pretty fairly split between "loved it" and "well, that was boring." Personally, I gave it 5 stars as an interesting character study. One thing we could all agree on, though, is that the movie theatre is a fun place to be late at night:
But what has become of the Nautilus? Did it resist the pressure of the maelstrom? Does Captain Nemo still live? And does he still follow under the ocean those frightful retaliations?

I promise you... that if I wanted to kill you, I would resort to more direct means.

Why don't you quit cryin' and get me some bourbon?

Hey they forgot to wind the sundial.

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