Monday, March 2, 2009

Things That Happen

I got offered an interview for a summer position with AISD! I have plenty of experience for the position, there's paid training (my CPR and First Aid expired not too long ago), and the pay seems good. I will update more once I've had the interview.

There are new things up over at my etsy shop! There are now matryoshka doll cards up in sets of 6 cards and sets of 4 cards. And while you're over there, the happy blue flower necklace and jump for joy pink necklace could use a little love, too.

We're well into season 5 of MacGyver. They're getting much more into the social/environmental issues this season (student protests in China, rhino poaching in Africa, etc.), which is alternately really interesting and horribly cheesy. Also, it's really weird to see things like super-young Cuba Gooding Jr. playing the part of a young bounty hunter ... and then showing up as a farm hand in the "old west dream sequence" two episodes later. I do love seeing Murdoc back again, though :-D.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the matryoshka doll cards - very cute! and unique.

good luck with the AISD job interview - hope you get the job!