Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fun With Scanners

I'm using the new scanner to clear out a ton of paper clutter. It's been great as far as organizing and uncluttering, but a painful exercise in not being a pack rat. For example, it was hard to toss the folder full of magazine clippings, even though they're now stored on my hard drive. Go figure.

Also? I'm holding on to my old TIP scrapbooks with tooth and nail. It'll be a while before I get them scanned in completely (man, those things are long); at that point, the test will be to see if I can get rid of the old copies. For some reason they've been living in my desk since I moved into the new apartment, and I never found a home for them.

Recycling them will be hard, but I'm loving going through the old photos. I found myself on this page tonight:

You can click it bigger. See me? Here, let me help:

Yep, I was rockin' the giant glasses look. I may go back to the huge round frames next time I update my prescription.

Ah, TIP. I no longer recognize many of the faces from the photos, but some of them bring back completely random memories. I do believe that the ham standing in front of me in that picture was named Eric, and that he had an unhealthy fascination with Koosh balls. In fact, I seem to remember something about a Koosh ball poem....

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Anonymous said...

cool photos - ah vintage child photos - gotta love it! you look so cute!