Friday, July 11, 2008


Today has been (mostly) fantastic! [Other than the time spent at the DPS offices, of course.]

Mom and Grandpa picked me up for an extremely brief lunch, interrupted by dad coming to pick me up for the 4:40 showing of Hellboy II. From there, dad dropped me off at the Long Center to meet my friend Alex, who had invited me to see the Video Games Live concert with him.

All in all, a good time all around. The bean and cheese nachos at El Arroyo were delicious, although I wish I could have spent more time talking to mom and grandpa. Hellboy II was a little too long and had a little too much romance (but at least no gross kissing scenes, amirite?), but was otherwise very enjoyable. The bad guy wasn't really a "bad" (or a "guy", I suppose, technically), which is always interesting, and the special effects and costumes were beautiful. Most importantly, I now have solid confirmation that old ladies eat cats.

And the Video Games Live concert? Um, amazing. Photos time!

The event was held at the lovely new Long Center:
And started with a costume contest:

The first event was an audience member playing Space Invaders:

The tension was upped by the fact that he had to run back and forth across the stage to move the ship:

The second event was a challenge to hit 160,000 points in the new Aerosmith Guitar Hero game, with the guy who won the Guitar Hero contest before the concert (I was actually sitting next to him):

Btw, look at his score. This was close to the end of the game. He won a $2500 laptop:

If you don't know this kid, then this probably doesn't mean anything to you, but Martin Leung (sp?) was there as well. Great piano playing!:
The end!:


Jyan said...

Don't forget, they're also afraid of canaries! I'm so jealous, I wanted to go to the VG live thing so much, but couldn't round up the time or the money to. Glad you guys had fun, though.

NAZD said...

Yeah, since I found out THAT MORNING I was going, it was a huge surprise. I saw the ticket price for the seats I was in, later, and yikes.

Should I purchase a canary to protect my kittens?