Saturday, May 15, 2010

Green Steam Circus

Alek and I spent most of the day at the Green Steam Circus, over at The Backyard's new location.

This was the first year, and there wasn't as large a turnout as I'd expected, but I had a good time nonetheless. All in all, I feel that I definitely got my ticket price's worth of fun ($35 in advance, $40 at the gate).

There plenty of arts and crafts booths, including one run by my friends Mallory and Sadie. If you're ever in the market for steampunk hats or handmade soap with tiny Cthulhu figurines inside, they're your women.

We saw a bunch of performances, including the Minor Mishap Marching Band:


Mr. Cirque, who put on an entertaining performance:

Schave & Reilly - Ivy states that there's no such thing as good vaudeville, but I completely disagree. This was a fun show:

and my second-favorite band of the day, White Ghost Shivers:

The best performance of the Circus was definitely Abney Park.
I don't have any good photos of them on stage, mostly because I was too busy having my socks rocked off. You should go see them if you ever get the chance.

I also got to see people from the Austin Bike Zoo for the first time today! Their website has some amazing photos - the bikes I saw today were the monarch butterfly and the praying mantis.

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