Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Brothers Bloom

Short review:

Go see this movie.

Slightly longer review:

Go see this movie. Tonight.

Full review:

Our little ragtag "movie group" decided to see this movie mostly because a) it wasn't Transformers and b) it wasn't UP (my brother apparently hates old people and children). It was only showing at the Arbor, the local artsy fartsyhouse-type theatre, which usually means I'm not going to enjoy myself much.

However, enjoy I did. Quite a bit actually --I might have been embarrassed about how much/how loud/how long I was laughing, but most of the rest of the audience seemed to be having a wonderful time as well.

I say most because, for some reason, the other four people I saw it with were not as in love with The Brothers Bloom as I. In the interests of fair and balanced reporting, I will state that some of them found it "confusing" and "too long". . . and Jyan muttered something about "third act problems", whatever that means.

A fie on them, I say! I enjoyed this movie from start to finish, even though parts of it were heartbreaking (yes I'm a sap) and I did tear up a little (did I just admit that?) towards the end. The plot also had its cliched moments, but overall the story was interesting enough and the pacing strong enough that I never got board. There was a brief moment of "oh, really, argh" when I realized that the movie had another half-hour to go ... until the story perked up again.

The acting was very good, and the locations were just gorgeous. As, in fact, was most of the cast. I also loved that there was always something happening, keeping the scenes more dynamic. The brothers don't just talk for minutes on end: they talk while an escaped camel roams past in the background, or while one of them does magic tricks, or while a dynamite enthusiast shoots down a palm tree. I thought this was part of what made the film so much fun to watch.

If you're interested -- as well you should be -- you can watch the first seven minutes of The Brothers Bloom online.

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